Council of Young Jewish Presidents

CYJP convenes our generation of Jewish communal lay leaders to build the network and skills necessary to lead our community today and into the future.


Who We Are

For over ten years CYJP has acted as the central address of next-generation Jewish lay leadership. We convene the presidents and officers of dozens of Jewish young leadership bodies in order to provide them with the skills and peer-network necessary to lead our community. We focus on building the capacity of leaders to serve on boards, collaborate within and across organizations, and create inclusive communities.

Meet our Members

Our Activities

At CYJP we are committed to nurturing and networking the next generation of Jewish lay leadership. At a time of increasing complexity and polarization, we believe that the American Jewish communal landscape requires a strong network of institutional leaders who are connected with one another, adaptive, and prepared to meet the challenges facing our community.


developing peer networks

We convene our entire Council together every two months to create opportunities for building relationships, networking, and collaborative problem-solving. We also create ongoing opportunities for leaders to come together for networking and civil discourse.

representing the next generation

As the central address of young Jewish lay leaders, we connect community leaders, diplomats, and government officials who seek to engage and address our generation’s Jewish leaders. We also connect our members to senior Jewish and civic leaders who wish to learn more about our generation’s positions and values.

Training leaders

We provide our members with the critical skills and knowledge they need to govern, fundraise, and innovate. Right now, CYJP is partnering with leading agencies in the nonprofit and educational sectors to develop a multi-month lay leadership certificate program.


CYJP utilizes our unique network to advise Jewish institutions on best-practices when engaging next-generation Jewish leaders. We work to help organizations develop and strengthen their young leadership bodies and outreach to next-generation philanthropists.


Get Involved

We leverage our unique network to influence and shape the broader Jewish community. We are always looking to expand our network, interact with incredible leaders, and support our community

Join the council

We offer membership packages to organizations and individuals. Members get access to all CYJP meetings, special topic salons, and delegations. Members also get access to our board governance certification program, our mentorship and rapid response platform, and to CYJP whiteboarding sessions to help you create or strengthen your young leadership body. See membership pricing here.

make a donation

There is a looming leadership crisis facing the American Jewish community which must be addressed. Unfortunately, there has been little emphasis on developing young lay leaders to meet this challenge. CYJP is working every day to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders are prepared to meet the challenges of the future today. Please help to ensure we can do this important work by making a donation.


partner with us

We provide forums for senior officials to engage and address our Council members in their roles as next-gen institutional leaders. We also connect our members to Jewish and civic leaders who wish to learn more about our generation’s positions and values.  If you would like to partner with CYJP on a program or initiative, or speak with and learn from our members, please reach out to us and tell us more.